Let's #AxThePinkTax

It costs more to be a woman. Seriously. It’s called the Pink Tax. And because of it, the average woman pays an extra $1,351* every year, just for being a woman.

Let's #AxThePinkTax

How much money have
you lost so far?

Enter your birthday to see how much the Pink Tax has cost you.

In your lifetime, the Pink Tax has cost you

This is how much I've been overcharged in my lifetime because of The Pink Tax, just for being a woman. See how much you've lost at AxThePinkTax.com
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Let's #AxThePinkTax

It’s time to level the playing field. We think padding the price of everyday items for women is ridiculously unfair — and we’re not alone.

Thank you for your support.

At European Wax Center, we believe in a level playing field for all. And this holiday season, more than 7,500 of you joined us in raising awareness for the Pink Tax by purchasing our special Pink Tax lip balm. Stay tuned for more ways to get involved in the coming months!

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#AxThePinkTax is just one part of a larger mission. European Wax Center works every day to empower women with unapologetic confidence. That’s why we partner with organizations that share our vision of

leveling the playing field.

Girls in Tech

Sherry Baker, President of Marketing and Product Development for European Wax Center, speaks at the annual Girls in Tech gala.

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Beauty Changes Lives Foundation

Beauty Changes Lives is a nonprofit foundation that unites beauty and wellness professionals and those they serve, as it elevates, educates, and exposes the power of touch to transform careers, lives, and communities. Its mission is to elevate the perception of the beauty industry as a viable and rewarding career choice.

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Fashion Institute of Technology

On the morning of Wednesday, October 17th, a distinguished group of New York women joined Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Sherry Baker, President of Marketing and Product Development for European Wax Center, at an exclusive breakfast to discuss the Pink Tax.

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